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Recent Readings and Events

Most of my readings and workshops are in New York City and its environs, but you can find me in other locations as well.

Spring 2024. An Open Reading by Michelle M.  Tobarczyk. Door IS A Jar Literary Magazine.


Sept. 2023. Solo Reader. Travel Writing Reimagined. Galapagos: Islas Encantadas. Hudson Park Library. New York, NY.


Oct. 2023. Solo Reader. A Reading from Bronx Migrations. Hudson Park Library. New York, NY.

June 2023. Featured Reader. Shades of Green Pub, New York, NY


Jan. 2023. A Reading of Hudson Guild Authors Michele Herman, Michelle Tokarczyk, Alvin Eng. Hudson Guild, New York, NY.


Spring 2021. Poetry and Performance Workshop given with Jim Furlong. Hudson Guild, New York, NY. 


Nov. 2018 Poem “Climbing the Steps of Carman Hall” included in performance Anna, Eva, Onward. Hudson Guild Theater, New York, NY.


Jan. 2018. “Writing the Vignette: A Workshop” Mindcamp Chile. Las Majadas, Chile.


Oct. 2017. Poetry Reading, Maryland State Library for the Blind,  Baltimore, MD.


Sept. 2017. Poetry Reading. South Bronx Love Letter, Bronx, NY. 

Feb. 2017. Migration and Immigration: A Reading by Olya Samilenko and Michelle M. Tokarczyk.  Goucher College, Baltimore, MD. 


Aug. 2016. Diving into Poetry: A Workshop. Mindcamp, Canada's Creativity Conference, Orilla, Ontario, Canada.


Sept.  2016. Poetry reading with Martha Collins and Ailish Meisner. The Writer's Center, Bethesda, Maryland. 


Nov.  2016. A Reading from Bronx Migrations. The Hudson Guild, New York, NY, 

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